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Exit Bag at the Festivalscrewpremiere

Cast and crew on the red carpet after the premiere of The Exit Bag at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase. Mike Pickering, Ashley Pickering, Katharine Marie Espinosa, Juan Expinosa (director) and Ron Hervey (producer/writer)



Two Louisiana men venture deep into a dark swamp to ask a witch for help with a Romeo and Juliet-type situation. After haggling, they agree on a price for her services, but it is soon obvious the witch may not be not very competent with her craft.

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Swamp Witch Auditions

Mark Saturday, March 28, 2020 on your calendars.  We will be auditioning actors for our short film, Swamp Witch, in Paris, Texas. Time and date TBD. More details, including character info, coming soon so check back often.

The Exit Bag

Philip Canton has lost the will to live. The pain and depression caused by the death of his wife and soulmate, Margo, has pushed him to explore ways to end his existence. After researching suicide methods, he settles on what appears to be a peaceful and easy way out. But what awaits him on the other side? 

Produced by Copper Pen Pictures, in association with Espinosa Entertainment. Directed by Juan Espinosa. Starring Mike Pickering, Dalen Hobbs, Ashley Pickering, Austen Naron and Katharine Marie Espionosa. Written by Ron Hervey.

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Coming in 2021

Frank and Jimmy are roommates at the Peaceful Acres Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The two could not be more different – Frank is perpetually pissed off at the world while Jimmy is a fun-loving prankster. Jimmy finds out from another “inmate” that pills exist that give vivid hallucinations of youth, and Jimmy wants them badly. After badgering Frank to help him swipe the pills, Frank caves and they plot to steal the pills. They soon find out that anything could happen when you try to turn back time.

BD Title

From an award-winning screenplay by Ron Hervey. Check back often for developments and news about this Copper Pen Pictures film.

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