Copper Pen Pictures is an indie film production company located in Northeast Texas. Our goal is to produce entertaining and thought-provoking films. Our plan is to produce several short films as we build our brand. Our long-term goal is to produce feature-length films.

Copper Pen Pictures started as a division of Copper Pen Press, LLC. After several years, it was decided that the company would discontinue print media, focusing on the work of the film division. Copper Pen Press then become Copper Pen Pictures, LLC.

Early in 2019, we wrapped up our first film – The Exit Bag.  The script was written by Copper Pen Pictures President Ron Hervey.  Directed by Juan Espinosa, the film was produced in association with his Espinosa Entertainment.

In the film, Philip Canton, played by Mike Pickering, has lost the will to live after the death of his wife and soulmate. He explores ways to end his miserable existence. After researching suicide methods, he settles on what appears to be a easy way out. But what awaits him on the other side?

We have hopes that The Exit Bag will have a successful run on the film festival circuit.

Our latest project, Broken Dreams, is in development. Based on an award-winning script by Ron Hervey,  the film follows two nursing home roommates as they attempt to swipe pills that will give them vivid illusions of being young again.

The screenplay won Best Short Screenplay at the Red Dirt Film Festival in Stillwater, Oklahoma and The Calcasieu Parish Short Film Festival in Sulphur, Louisiana. It was also the top short screenplay at the Sunny Side Up Film Festival in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  Production is slated for early 2020. For more information check out the Broken Dreams website.

Check back often as Copper Pen Pictures continues to grow.